Tuesday, March 05, 2019


Just texting with the boys (an excerpt)

our west coast correspondent: I wonder if defenestrated could be used in a sentence along with rusty tin bucket and spade?

operations: Possibly....

owcc: Having already administered a tracheotomy with a spade, he defenestrated the remaining body parts he'd gathered in his rusty tin bucket.

me: Upon being discovered cowering in the upstairs lavatory Lord Edgar was promptly defenestrated, which owing to the lavatory's second floor location he would have likely survived had it not been for the rusty tin bucket and spade, left lying about by the gardener's pathologically distractible daughter, waiting below as if their destiny was to at last become one with his aristocratic throat. 

me: Hahaha! I love that we both "went for the throat". 

owcc: Because, we're both writers, darling. 😉

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