Wednesday, October 18, 2017

My trivia team finally took first place at the new... Now year-old venue. I am walking home through the quiet dark seeing Halloween decorations resolve themselves out of the shadows. I should be giddy. Yet I want no more than to curl up in a disused corner and escape into dream, praying dawn never comes. This is the mantle of depression.

Monday, August 08, 2016


collecting the pieces

I came across a few bits from the end of last year. Not terribly happy stuff... but then again how often is it with me. LOL!

People live.
People die.
Countless perfections gone
In the blink of an eye.
You cannot
Save them.
Mortality will be.
What you can do
Is keep them,


In the tumbled crumble
Of the ruined plan
Can you excavate
The intention
Of my brilliant scam?
I am nothing
I dis-play
I am all in the space
The witty repartee
And the place
The sacred space,
Where one breathes
Between lines
And prays to the gods,
That what we want
Is reality,
And we are
The favored odds.

Lost time musings

He knows my places
My obscure spaces
Where I hide my words,
And yet
I need
To tell you.
I have thought of you
Now and then
For a while.
I had hoped
On this night
Gambling four to one
The stars would align
And guide us
Into proximity.
Would do the rest.
Is why
I shouldn't gamble.

Sunday, March 20, 2016


R.I.P. Jeff

Is this the new gravesite?
The new roadside shrine?
A corner of cyberspace in binary scribed?
Is this the place
That will collect
Open and receive
Our tears
And our anger
Bewildered silence
Our spat curses
And spilled beers?
Again one of us has been taken
Unannounced and too soon
And we rail
And we keen
In perfect futility,
Until we feel
We have protested enough
To the cold unfeeling universe.
There is no answer in grief.
No solution.
No balm.
Only a slowly filling emptiness
Hungry for the sediment of life’s
Continued erosion
And gouged deep
By this final
And terrible

Monday, December 21, 2015


a modicum of mania

I felt it...
Below the surface
Last night,
But only just.
Now percolating?
But here now
And in bloom.
Like magic in my veins.
Like divine madness
And perfection's own clarity
It surrounds me
And infuses me
God help me
In my revelry
To not be guilty...
When the tide

Friday, July 10, 2015


Jimmy Buffett

I never let go
Of the gleam in your eye,
Parrot proud
As I grabbed that margarita,
Like the key to your apartment
Like you’d offered your heart
Or your bed…
Didn’t matter.
Florida and Massachusetts
Washed up on the Barbary Coast,
I’ve never forgotten…
Never will.
To quote the girls
“In love with your ghost.”

Friday, May 01, 2015


Alley Bar 4/29

Like wax
Lyrically imitating
Life’s perfection
In the flickering blue
Of the TV light
Doyenne and docent
Predator and amiable
She studies
Her surroundings
And acts
Like to her
All will come

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Fire and Snow

*The problem with using my phone in lieu of paper when writing on the go is that I am even less likely to find the urgent flash of insight (or drunken musing) later. The following was written  November 29, 2014 and only just now discovered in the backwaters of my Android's filing system.*

Made of naught
But regimentation
Resolve and hope
Fire and snow
She turns toward the sunset
And follows.
Resolute in her passion
Decisive in her action
Fire and snow fly
To where the Earth quakes
And dreams make
Their best effort
To come true.
It is not the Pilgrims' judgment
To weigh the worth of
Or wisdom
Her quest is set
Like her compass and her mind.
May her heart be ready,
Destiny kind,
As fire and snow
Steam deep into harbour
And bring change
To a life
And a mind.

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