Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Today on VisageTome

I do so enjoy the internet age. A month or so ago several friends from once disparate parts of my social life met at a party I was co hosting. As the next day's hangovers began to ebb the “friending” frenzy commenced. The following is a conversation on a certain social networking site (and subject of a feature film) between two of those people.

Scooter Poppins posted:
What happened to the Good Old Days when we lived in caves and picky eaters died of starvation and were removed from the gene pool?
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Temple Ben Shalom: Def not a picky eater here! I put anything in my mouth.
2 hours ago • Like

Temple Ben Shalom: Oops.
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Scooter Poppins: yeah, we've seen those videos!
about an hour ago • Like

Temple Ben Shalom: Hey, those are for paying customers only! No sharing accounts!
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Scooter Poppins: yay for bit torrent
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Temple Ben Shalom: Damn pirates...
about an hour ago • Like

Scooter Poppins: ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!
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Temple Ben Shalom: I'd consider it for side work, but the plots are few and thin. I stand behind my artistic integrity!
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Thursday, December 16, 2010


the unadulterated yet inebriated truth

Better than the sainted audience
Better than the noble roadies
Better than my brother
In his rum-fueled haze
He simply
Makes me whole
Not a lover
Not a sister
Not a thing
Society can name
We are a road show
And I am nothing
Without him
There is no word
To contain
What he is
What he will be
Save maybe
The deceptively
Common name

Saturday, December 11, 2010


scraps of memory

Going through old files in neglected directories I found "song in progress.doc" created back in 2007. Here are its contents.

From a book never written
By a man too afraid
I have cut these words to give to you
For the difference they might make

Stolen from the Dream Lord’s keep
Where all lost words must lay
I’ve bound them in lover’s skin
For you to find as you may

You are the answer
To my well settled prayer
Uttered too soon
Into lonely empty air

I must quest and I must wander
I must do and I must dare
But I’ll return to you
My glory to share

Might do something with it. We'll see.

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