Saturday, November 17, 2007


Further excavations in scrawl

Another one from the files... I like it, but feel it needs more work.

Talk to me past midnight
In the sweltering air
‘Til we’re nursing our last beer.
Hold me in your gaze
Until our last damn cigarette.
Never closer than this
And too often further apart
I can sometimes comfort myself
With that smallest piece of your heart.
The music tells us a story
Of people who will never be
But for those moments
When play-acting
Might blurt out a truth.
I’ve fought too long in this war
To believe this a battle I can win.
You have your prize and your future
Both eager to begin.
I have a new world before me.
That doesn’t wash the bitter
From any possible sweet,
And I’m hungry to sweat some sugar.
So talk to me in these stolen hours
In the sultry air
‘Til staring at empty bottles
We’ve run out of hours
And all plausible excuses.

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