Friday, September 28, 2007


continually getting the best email

The following is an indicative snippet plucked from a message I received just today from a fabulous public persona and jewelry designer of my acquaintance who must remain anonymous for fear of tipping off the feral and ever-frothing paparazzi.

"We have a copy of one of the $20 tickets in our front window with a sign that reads “on sale now”. Someone ask me “If the $20 tickets are on sale, how much are they? I thought to myself “Judy, don’t drop a house on her, she doesn’t know any better”. I will tell you about the woman who eats bibles on Monday."

I simply cannot wait until Monday!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


3 Strikes

The wind tugs at my hair, billows my clothes and pulls my eyes upward to the black expanse beyond the electric halo hovering above this maze of wire and concrete. Inside me an adolescent stirs and wrestles against his bindings, longing even demanding to spread his new grown wings.

How is it he landed here so far from his home and haven? His heart cries out for Andie and Whisper, Molly, Kyle and the colonel.

He has work to do. Power brings responsibility and he has a mission to fulfill outside and away from the team. If only I could let him loose. Let his sharp eyes behold this magical city from atop the ocean winds that caress and castigate this beautiful and notorious place. If only I could let him fly like I am just beginning to realize I can.

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