Friday, January 29, 2021


So I was called upon to comment on something...

Look, Facebook is a place where people connect, where they reconnect.  People who have known each other since... I don't know... the eighties for example. And it was thus that on FB I was called upon to "narrate" a thing. What I put before you is my text inclusive of a link to the context. Please note that no disrespect to the undead nor to persons missing digits is intended, this is merely satire created at the behest of a friend of longstanding. And it's a pandemic, folks, people need to be heeded.

"Gilt stilts, waffletated body bags, and vampire-sized tea-cozies hand-wrought at a summer camp for the thumbless were only the beginning of what was to come as Valentino's parade of disaffected post post-apocalyptic refugees slunk down the catwalk debuting this "Eyes Wide Shut/Ass Wide Open" collection."

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