Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Fire and Snow

*The problem with using my phone in lieu of paper when writing on the go is that I am even less likely to find the urgent flash of insight (or drunken musing) later. The following was written  November 29, 2014 and only just now discovered in the backwaters of my Android's filing system.*

Made of naught
But regimentation
Resolve and hope
Fire and snow
She turns toward the sunset
And follows.
Resolute in her passion
Decisive in her action
Fire and snow fly
To where the Earth quakes
And dreams make
Their best effort
To come true.
It is not the Pilgrims' judgment
To weigh the worth of
Or wisdom
Her quest is set
Like her compass and her mind.
May her heart be ready,
Destiny kind,
As fire and snow
Steam deep into harbour
And bring change
To a life
And a mind.

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