Friday, August 03, 2012


The future isn't so different

Her headscarf intrigued me. As I sat there drunk with nothing to do on the tube ride back to B Sector. Stars and planets I’d seen, but nebulae and black holes rendered in textile… not something one usually comes across... not on the tube anyway.

Emboldened by drink and enjoying the anonymity of my seat behind her I focused on her reading material. Not the usual scripture. You know the stuff. Owing to the motion of the transit and my own inebriation I could only make out glimpses, but what I saw…

Quantum theology.

I couldn’t get my head around it. Something about M Theory and God. How it all fit together. Big and little. Solar systems and nanites.  And all I could think of was how madly cool that was, and how much I needed some chips.

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