Thursday, February 16, 2012


romance in the modern era

Who are we?
Two nerds
Across the magic tubes
Sharing our ailments
And empty hearts?
That leaves out our dreams
Our power and our fire.
We are
Together and alone
And maybe
Just maybe
There’s room to explore.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


The Dr. Suess Report or Why one never lets a follower of Erevan write the official report

Found this among some old files. Enjoy.

Dev’s Report on the Green Team’s arrival at State on the Underdark trip

(With thanks and apologies to Dr. Seuss and Lewis Carroll)

Onward we stumbled as we mumbled and grumbled, not quite all in a line.
Zebra on her zebra's back led us up the rugged track ‘til we saw a strange purple shine.
The ceiling not sky was quite strange to our eyes as it glowed with squiggly-jiggly lightning like lines.
We wondered aloud what it was we'd now found down here where the Greebleegods dine.
She showed us to an inn and the keeper within was of strange and curious milieu.
He and Greywind argued money, more vinegar one guessed than honey, as the waifs and dependents paraded through.
He showed us to some rooms done up in doom less than gloom and indicated patches in the wall.
"Beware of the scare that will come from down there if the paint starts to crack and to fall."
After creeping us out, his intention no doubt, he left us to sleep if we could.
So with the elf lad most tall guarding the wall, and the doors all bolted and locked,
we settled our heads into adequate beds and slept almost as if we were rocks.
The dreams came at night to fill us with fright but they could not quite manage a hold.
The tattoos we'd got of ancient greebly what-nots had proved true to the boasts we were sold.
Some now bald, most now painted, we had awoken untainted, thanks to the talents of William Kobold.
So now it was time that we fell into line as Zebra led us out of the inn.
Towards the barricades we went where bribe money was spent that the next adventure begin.
We passed over rubble, cascades from old troubles, swept here by floods, time and wars.
Then waist deep in debris the towers soared care free higher and grander than the cities before.
Queazy in humor we saw truth to the rumor that here the old powers still flow,
as the bright purple showers from the tops of those towers were the source of the far reaching squiggly glow.
Then the uneasy chagrin began to sink in as we looked `round at the folks on the road.
We were not so unusual to a place that was used to being trod by Hoobladoos and the kindred of toads.

Copyright R. L. Allison 2003

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