Thursday, November 17, 2011


Late night Green Line musings

Edgar roused himself from a not unpleasant dream. Blinked at the semi-darkness. Something was wrong. Where was the train? The trains always lulled him in his sleep time. The irregularity of their clatter and clank, hustle and screech were the lullaby he had grown up with. Something was wrong.

Slowly he unfolded his limbs ears straining to reach beyond his shadowed space to seek the assurance of a merely delayed clatter of transit. Nothing.

Something was wrong.

Lillibeth would have warned them of a change in schedule, a change in routine. They never knew how she knew, but The Queen always did. It was part of being queen.

Something was wrong.

Careful of the work lights that shone vague yet unfalteringly Edgar crept toward the tracks and laid a cautious finger… and then an even more cautious ear. Nothing.

Something was wrong.

Something was wrong and Edgar was not prepared to deal with whatever that wrong thing might be.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011


Hope springs eternal

Despite the inevitable fall

Winter hushes far too soon

Summer’s hedonistic siren call

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