Wednesday, April 27, 2011


irreverent musings

Blistered by the burning
Of being left behind
I’m reminded of what it was
To be young

I haven’t given up the ghost
Nor am I the sacred host
That doesn’t mean
They shouldn’t eat me

Saturday, April 23, 2011


inspired by changing 3 letters in a one line facebook post

Maybe ain’t you baby
I just don’t understand
You’ve always been so yes or no
So on the mark
So in command
Where is all your certainty
Where is all your pride
What’s with all this wavering
Eyes cast down and to the side
What are you not telling me
Where is your resolve
I’m the river
You’re the rock
And I’m not playing ball

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


two moments of scrawl

How early is it?
How drunk…
Am I?
This is not
What I had planned.
How quickly it can
All evade you.
Yet for all the looking
Back that this affords me
I have no more answers
Than when I went in.
Where I went in…
That’s a whole


Why did you
Up the ante?
Set my dreams
In high relief?
Let your fingers
Do half
Of what I need?
I’ve set you
On your course.
Fostered and fathered
As best that I can.
Why now,
And now again
Did you feel
You had to
To being
My man?

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