Sunday, August 31, 2008


In this hot political season I'm still getting the best email

This just in from our SoCal correspondent reporting on the Republican VP choice.
This woman is Lucifer's right hand man, she's an ANGRY OIL WHORE! Yes, I said it "OIL F@#$!! WHORE!"
She also supports shooting wolves from airplanes (good sporting fun!)
It doesn't bother her to allow for poisonous mining and killing off the salmon population, either!
She makes Darth Cheney look like Cinderella.

I urge everyone to support the National Resources Defense Council and stop this HORROR! you can click on the link to tell your congress person.

calmly yours & with much Peace and Love,

Your L.A. Connection

btw - Does anyone think it would be too unkind of me, to wish a successful, inadvertent Bear mauling upon her...???
Would that be too ironic, too dark comedy, anyone??? (and why do I suddenly feel like Stewie Griffin, from Family Guy?). :P

I love it when people do my ranting for me. - The Urban Elf

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