Monday, May 12, 2008


...and as ever, I get the best e-mail

This just in from L.A.

Oh, it's all drama.. and i don't just mean "She"...There was the writers strike and now the SAG walk out thing is dragging on and nobody's working, but everyone's trying to make deals and be seen... and John Mayer won't go away... *sigh*

Sunday, May 04, 2008


This may be crap, but I'm drunk and it's past 5 AM

Where is the ocean
For this dandelion
Drowning in his own wine?

What am I seeing
In the haze of this moment
The inevitable wreck of my day?

Is there someone to believe in
A hero to wait for
Or an innocent to save?

Now as the others
Fall fast into sleep
What is it that I am to do?

Here in the dark
Hating everything I’ve been
What am I to be?

Love has never loved me
Like the others
But why?

I break open on her altar
My own best sacrifice
Why is it never enough?

Isn’t it so simple
The single thing I want
Just to be in love?

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