Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I still get the best email

It is true. I get the best email of anyone. Well, maybe not anyone who is anyone but certainly far far better than anyone who is, well, no one. For example: I wrenched myself from my seasonally affected particulate enhanced sick bed this morning; blearily sped my way in to my place of financially imperative toil focused on my ardent work ethic to the complete exclusion of any care for the safety or existence of my fellow motorists only to land in the midst of seething tension and frantic scrambling centered around a situation that I will admit to being my fault only after successfully assembling a convincing pastiche of appropriately damning recovered memory. When at last the dust settled and the dragon had left the castle, so to speak, I opened up my email to find this...
which reminds me.. LA (which i'm now including the OC- orange county, all of the valley, universities, cults-churches, hospitals and 7-elevens), is like one horrendously bad soap opera script- think Falcons Crest, as opposed to Dallas.. rather like filming during the infamous SAG-screen writers strikes of the 80's & 90's, or in today's world auditioning for the Tyra(pronounced 'tired') Banks Show. people think they're always on film.. which they are.. only they don't realize they're waiting to be discovered through someone's surveillance camera. sigh*


p.s. tune in next week, as i address 'how reality tv has affected the porn-film industry'.
I rest my case.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Sunday Scrawl

There’s a dream inside of me
That you can’t understand
There’s a fire inside
That burns up every plan
There’s a voice
That I try not to hear
Pushing me forward
Away from everything here

Love me in this moment
As I love you here and now
Don’t ask questions
Of the why and how
I love you in this moment
Just knowing your name
Don’t look to the morning
To continue this game
We are free and electric
Thrust together by fate
The dawn is eccentric
Light makes magic dissipate

There is a dream inside me
That you can’t understand
But I will make it yours
If you’ll give me your hand

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