Saturday, February 25, 2006


key poking scrawl

What was that
We just did?
Singing along.
Dance beat pretenders to Twins.
Hold me now.
All my heart.
Ode to martyred possibility
in a John Hughes style?
You Know I’m a dreamer.
We are two of a kind.
Both of us searching for some
Perfect world we know...
Do we know?
Of course we know...
We’ll never find.
So where does that leave us?
I can’t meet your gaze.
Not for more than a moment.
Not here and not now.
Fearing you mean it.
Fearing you don’t.
Fearing you’ll see me
The imperfect person I’ve been
All along.
I want movie magic
Literary device.
I want this strange moment
To last and to pass
And to make it all right.
Oh, it holds me now,
This desire and fear.
It holds me now.
Damn, am I scared.
I feel that you need me
and that I need you too.
I know that there’s something.
Some thing resonates
Between me and you.
But I’m scared of that something.
It smacks of our pasts.
Its flourishing hampered
By our current paths.
You know I could love you.
You suspect that I do.
And you know that I fear that,
I suspect you do too.
Who we have been,
Who we’re trying to be
Can meet nothing but ruin
If we attempt to convene.
We’re both quick enough to realize
There’s no long and slow.
Despite how we may want to
Despite how much we need...
Stay with me.
Stay with me.
Would be our cycling plea.

Monday, February 20, 2006


too long awaited, drunken scrawl

I’m starting to dwell.
It’s starting to bug me
the tension between them
palpable electric
the tentative kiss.
This is the spark I’m seeking,
the energy to power my world.
That moment when all men are boys
and no one remembers
there are girls.

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