Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Robin Hood in reverse

The spawn of Gingrich are at it again. In a brash move to still further stratify our already economically polarized nation the House of Representatives will be voting tomorrow on a Republican amendment to the budget proposal that will cut deeply into our already wounded basic services and yet will simultaneously hand off egregiously large tax breaks to the very wealthy. We must not make any further cuts in our safety net through which so many have already fallen. We must do everything possible to preserve if not improve the level services such as Medicaid, food stamps and student loans that our government provides in accordance with our assertions that we are a civilized nation. The Republican budget amendment is a desperate grab to steal from the poor while further feathering the nests of the rich. They would leave poor Americans under-fed and uneducated for then those Americans would be less equipped to rise up against the twenty-first century robber-barons who feed off their labor like vampires off blood. And, at a time when our government is scrambling for money these villains have the audacity to propose tax cuts for themselves and their benefactors. We cannot cut taxes while the nation is rebuilding from multiple lessons in the power of nature and also hemorrhaging money into the hot middle-eastern sands. If the Republicans want so badly to cut spending, tell them to bring the troops home from the Iraqi quagmire, and while they’re at it they can stop waging war on the poor.

Monday, October 03, 2005


Friday's scrawl

Troubling with the villains
Of other people’s history
Questionable if only from
The prism through which
It’s cast,
What does that mean for
The moment it could fulfill
In my near future
Years separate from what it
Meant in another’s
Echoing past?
A dream of lustful hunger
That has lingered
These decaying years,
What harm is there really
If my moans never reach
His ears?

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